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Welcome to Repointing.Com - I've had the privilege to meet many dedicated craft workers and professionals in the USA and abroad during the past twenty-five years in the historic building preservation business. The "Practitioners of Preservation" that I've come to know usually have very specialized talents. Many of them purchase or specify the products sold through my supply company called Lime Works.US, which sells materials for professional masonry restoration and sustainable building systems.

Good craftspeople and conservators love what they do and often have a mind-set that not only does the right thing for historic structures but also for the environment and the regional cultural heritage as well. Your historic church, home or all of "Main Street, USA" will best be served when you work with professionals who align their effort with this philosophy.

I've compiled lists of professionals who provide services for every facet of Historic Preservation and Sustainable Building work in order to re-point them to you and help match their services with what you need to have accomplished.

Please choose where you would like to be re-pointed to:

I need the services of a mason, building professional or repair contractor.

I need materials for masonry restoration or sustainable building systems.

I need deGruchy Masonry, Inc. and their affiliates who provide services in conservation consulting, contracting or designing repair mortars and programs for quality assurance in the installation of Lime Works.US products.

I supply specialty services or sustainable building materials.


Andrew L. deGruchy, President
deGruchy Masonry, Inc.
Lime Works.US

Click here if you represent a cultural center, church, historical society or green building organization with non-profit 501(C)(3) status.

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